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Water Source Selected by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Land Agency


Azumino's Special Mineral Water

FIREFLY from Azumino is one of the "100 Famous Waters of Japan" which is certified by the Ministry of the Environment, ans users a water source that is even rare in Japan.

Azumino, the Carefully Selected Location from the Leading Areas of Famous Waters​

Azumino's mineral water is proud to be one of

Japan's hundred best waters.

We deliver Japan's prominent delicious  water from snow melt.

Azumino's water springs from snow melt atop the Northern Alps and contains superior quality minerals. This water, which takes half a year to slowly flow from under the mountain ranges while absorbing abundant minerals, is not only sold as drinking water but is also an important natural resource that supports traditional industries such as growing wasabi and farming rainbow trout.

The landscaping of wasabi farms are extremely beautiful as a touristic element and have been visited by many tourists each year.

The spring water from the Northern Toyoshina area, especially known as the "Natural Springs of the Azumino Wasabi Farms", has been designated as one Japan's Hundred Best Waters by the Ministry of the Environment in 1985 and was also recongnized as "The Capital of Water" in March of 1995 by the National Land Agency (present Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism).

Also, Azumino is famously known for being a habitat for fireflies, which only resides around clean water, thus explaining the brilliance of the quality of the water and land.

The Northern Alps is known to be have abundant granite. Granite, which is mostly composed of quartz, does not contain many water soluble substances.  This results in soft spring water with a sweet and smooth flavor.

in order to deliver "FIREFLY" to you while minimizing loss of quality, we bottle this water after only performing non-thermal sterilization.

As a result, we do not have to perform any type of heat treatment, so there are no losses of minerals from water collction to bottling: thus you will be able to taste the aweetness and clarity of this natural spring water in its true form.

The key to delivering you our water sealed with great taste lies in our water collection process where handling of this delicious water is kept to an absolute minimum.

The Reason

Why FIREFLY is Good​

Azumino is the capital of famous waters


Soft water loved from long ago

FIREFLY has a water hardness of approximately 36mg.

Soft water has a characteristic of having a smooth, non-peculiar taste and easy to drink..

Compared to hard water, soft water is easy on the digestive system so it can be enjoyed by people with weak digestive systems as well as infants.

In the category of soft waters, FIREFLY is in the extremely soft range.

As a standard for measuring how delicious this soft water is, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has a "Definition of Delicious Water", and FIREFLY fulfills this standard,

It is also said that this soft water extracts tea, including Japanese tea and coffee much better, bringing out true sweetness and bitterness. Soft water is also ideal for whiskey with water.

In cooking, boiling times for azuki and soybeans shortens, and the beans becomes aoft but does not fall apart. Also, the boiling times for soba and udon noodles becomes faster, allowing tastier meals with less times.

The Water Source Loved by Everyone

A special source of water within the hundred famous waters.

"FIREFLY", which comes from the same source as the "Natural Springs of the Azumino Wasabi Farms", selected as one of Japan's top 100 famous waters, is located 2000 ft adove sea level and collected from the highest area within the Azumino district.

In 2015, the "Natural Springs of the Azumino Wasabi Farms" claimed high marks even within the 100 famous waters, which claimed 1st place in the tourist and landscape divisions of the "100 Famous Water General Election" voted by the general public.

The "Natural Springs of the Azumino Wasabi Farms" was the only water to win 1st place in two divisions and this feat could not have been won without the affection from everyone.


Product Introduction


Product Name: Natural Water "FIRE FLY"

Individual Quantaty: 500ml

Number of Contents: 500ml×24 bottles per box

Box size: 356mm×258mm×242mm (14"×10.2" ×9.5")

Weight: per box (12.5lb per box)

Best Before Date: 12 months

Recommended Retail Price:

  : 150yen per bottle (before tax)

  : 3600yen per box (before tax)

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